Friday, 27 May 2011

Make hay while the sun shines.........

........ and clear out yer garage when it doesn't!

Yesterday we had plenty of liquid sunshine (rain!) So I spent the day de-cluttering the garage. The idea was that it would be far easier for Greg to take all his stuff when he leaves if he could actually see what was in there! Gosh it was a mess.

I like de-cluttering.

My boys were in & out yesterday working different shift hours at work and school. I was happily surprised to find each one came to find me with a cup of tea in hand.

When Alex got home from school he spent a couple of hours helping me - I didn't even ask! It is amazing how even clearing the garage is preferable to revising for exams!

Steve came home early, just as I finished - typical - lol!

With flowers! Forgiven!!!

So now we have a tidy garage which Alex says will be even tidier and will remain so seeing as our untidiest house member is leaving.

Greg is probably the untidiest and the noisiest of our household especially when he leaves the house at 5am when he is on early shift. On his return he leaves a trail of post, clothes, work stuff from front door to his room. And he is always surrounded by noise - music, Formula 1 racing car commmentaries, phone calls etc etc.

And anything that is broken ..... well he's your man - he can fix anything. He is also the first to notice if anyone is fed up and goes out of his way to make you laugh again.

We all joke nervously about how quiet and tidy the house is going to be. Watch out Southampton - my mini tornado, Greg, is heading your way!


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Elizabethd said...

I know you will miss him...but he'll be back!