Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Is it just me?

I know I say it a lot but the world's gorn mad governor!

As my lifestyle is less rushed these days I seem to notice the mad bad sad more and more.

Is it just me but..........

Surely I am not the only one totally not bothered to know the name of the "secret must not be named" footballer who of course has now been named despite the court injunction?

Surely I am not the only one to notice how politicians & the media confuse "in the public interest" with "what the public are supposedly interested in"?

Oh and while I'm wittering, Grumpy Old Woman fashion - I really didn't get the excitement about the mapped out route of the journey of the Olympic torch.

The TV presenter even excitedly told us where it was staying overnight!

"Travel Lodge or Premier Inn? Will it be guarded from the Bryant & May mob and drug tested for Duracelle?" I grumpily asked the TV screen.

Then a VERY grumpy lady was interviewed from my local patch about why her town should have "hosted" the torch. It's a torch????

I feel quite ashamed that I can not get excited about the Olympic torch honestly, I do but I can't. Can you?

Is it in the public interest? - lol.

Much love.


Jayne said...

I'm glad it's not just me! Ryan who? Who cares?! The Olympic torch is coming to coventry, how does that affect me? I'm afraid I have never 'got' sport, I just don't really find any pleasure in it. And as for Twitter, why tweet wjhen we've got lovely blogs like yours to read, full of the really interesting stuff, handmade cards, green frogs, books, these are the things I want to know about!

Elizabethd said...


Pom Pom said...

It seems like people used to get excited about the Olympics, but now we hardly hear about it here. Kids are too busy watching the paltry offerings of cable television, I guess. We watch the CNN Student News at school and I'm always encouraged when kids care about the effects of natural disasters. That's hopeful. I can't bear to watch the news for any length of time.

Anonymous said...

We (Canada) hosted the Olympic Games (winter version)last year. I couldn't have cared less!! Didn't even watch any of it on TV.
I just kept wondering how much it all cost and how better the money could have been spent.
Apologies for having to post anonymously but Blogger is having problems and many of us are unable to post comments under our own account names.
Jane x (the Maple Syrup Mob)

Alison said...

Quite agree about the torch. It must be nice to see some of the events in person, if you have an interest in any particular one, but, as I hate crowds and cities in equal measure this is not for me. I will follow some of our lovely dedicated people on TV, and continue to wonder why I totally missed out on "the sporty gene"? Ali from Dorset.

Terri said...

We are becoming a society who majors in the minors. Sad indeed!

Anonymous said...

I stoped being interested in the limpics when they allowed profesionals in who are sponcered in stead of ametures sport now is just about money!!
j. I do not have a blog I do like following yours and others