Friday, 20 May 2011

Hello :)

Long time no blog. Sorry.

Some days these days, I can barely string a sentence together. So I am better trying to do something and blogging about it another day.

These daisies have inspired me this week...

The weather has been glorious so I gardened........

This mixed planter is made up of evergreens(lavender, silver daisy rhodenthemum, festuca), scented plants (lavender and lillies), perennial ox eye daisies & intermingled with my favourite, favourite light blue lobelia. Everything in it is blue or white. Have finally realised that my gardening squirrel friend stops re-arranging the display if I add a light dusting of pepper. He and I have fallen out; especially since he decided to try out my house loft space for future living accommodation.

Just one day we had some rain - two hours of rain - I still gardened!!

I have now almost caught up with two years of garden neglect and am on course to be only maintaining the garden so I am looking for a new gardening project.

I was offered an allotment last week but having had one before I realise the hard work involved and anyway I want to garden where I live and not have to travel to where I garden - some days I don't want to drive. It's easier to just pop out the kitchen door, do twenty minutes and pop back in for a cup of tea and a rest - lol. So I have to decide whether to further develop our own plot.

I went out today!!!!! I bought this

- a HUGE treat as I think it was expensive but I am hoping it will offer me some incentive to start crafting again. I gave it a good look through in the shop - I was so pleased it was non packaged so you could look through. I actually had the last one on the shelf and I had had to hunt it down. I think it was worth the money - especially as I think it will inspire me to have a go again.

I have had to have a re-think lately and further simplify my life. Little driving meant I was home all the time and had to make more stuff rather than just be able to zip off in the car and buy what I needed. To be able to be more self sufficient is good. I also used up what I already had made up in the freezer - a stock of home-made ready meals is a real boon - most of it is just say one additional portion that I had eked out of an ordinary meal by adding more veg. But over a period of time I had two freezer drawers full of these single portions and they have really been a help. I warmed a few altogether in a large casserole adding a little extra sauce or some cheese or whatever served with some salad and it was easy and home cooked; and cheaper than take-away.

I had to re-think what I need to stock in my pantry & freezer for days I can't go out, reconsider substitutes for recipes etc.

And I went back to having my shopping delivered via an internet shop. I used to do this occasionally when I worked full time. I now realise that even when I am well I need to conserve my energy for other housework stuff and for having some fun. So I shall continue having the heavy or boring staples - tinned stuff, loo rolls, laundry cleaning products etc delivered. I kept a careful log of the costs etc and found the delivery charge was worth it when I took into account the petrol, putting nothing extra into the trolley and saving my husband's time - he works long days and though he has offered I don't want him having to shop. Also as I cook the food I like to "shop" for it albeit sat at the computer with my recipe books - and I am way more frugal than my lovely husband :)

I also researched easier ways to clean the house and got into the habit of making a realistic weekly list rather than a daily one. And I stopped feeling anxy if stuff didn't get done :)

And after months of just flicking through books and mags just looking at the pictures, reading is easier some days so I have got back into Bible study again - I LOVE my Bible!! Am also reading this.........

But it's taking an age for me to read!

Do you remember this Alan Ahlberg poem?

I – am – in – the – slow - read – ers’ - group –
my – broth – er – is – in – the – foot – ball – team –
my – sis – ter – is – a – ser – ver –
my – lit – tle – broth – er – was – a – wise – man –
in – the – in -fants’ - Christ – mas – play –
I – am – in – the – slow – read – ers’ – group –
that – is – all – I – am – in –
I – hate – it.”

Slow Reader from Please Mrs. Butler, Allan Ahlberg (Penguin, 1983)

Poor - kid -
I - know - how - he - feels.

So that's what I've been up to. How about you? Hope you are in fine fettle.

Much love.



Jane and Chris said...

That poem made me want to cry...I've always been a fast must be so frustrating to be a slow reader.
Jane x

Lynn said...

It's poignant isn't it, Jane?

We read that poem as trainee teachers to encourage us to see reading from the children's point of view. Consequently I really tried hard to make one to one reading time a special time with the kids with a treat after - a sticker badge, house point, letter home, a sweet sometimes too. We often had a drink at reading time too like you would if you were reading at home with your mom.

Having lost my reading skills and had to re-learn them, reading is not the joy it was. I am so pleased I remained patient with the kids I taught. I can now see how difficult reading is. (Same with speech too!!)

Don't think I am a saint - I often felt impatient inside - we had forty kids to read with each day as well as all the other stuff we had to teach- some days that smile was pasted on - LOL!!

Anonymous said...

You could perhaps make over some of your garden into a mini allotment?

Elizabethd said...

I had that poem in my room at school...working with Special needs children I needed to remember it.
Lynn, it sounds as though you are being very sensible and re-ordering your life. Much better to use your garden for veggies, you can plant lettuce in the flower bed, you know!

Pom Pom said...

Hello Lovely!
I adored Open Heart, Open Home. I read it over and over again when I was younger. I should find it again. Molly Makes looks awesome. I want one! I shall look for it here even though it's a long shot.
Your garden looks so pretty! I'm praying for you, dear Lynn. YOU are so good, so dear, so precious.

A Blessed Life said...

Hello Lyn,you aree doing an amazng job,acceptance of what you can do is a really good start and you have done that....I too was sad with that poem I must remember it when I get a bit impatient with Mum..bless you and keep up the great work.

lily said...

Dealing with change is sometimes a lot easier than accepting it, I applaud your common sense approach and the changes you have made to make this difficult time in your life a little easier for you...........I still think you're amazing, all the work you have done in your lovely garden is truly inspiring.

The poem brought a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat.

Hope the book inspires you to do a little crafting, so good for the soul.

lily x

♥ Tina said...

Would love to know more on your new cleaning routine, as I need to simplify things around here too. As always Lynn, you have so much good things to share with us. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Lynn said...

If you can't find it Pom Pom I'll send you my copy when I'm done.

Jill said...

Lynn, Whats the yellow looking shrub? Is it the same as the one I posted a few days ago? Garden is showing your efforts!

Lynn said...

Jill - it's a mexican mock orange
blossom sundance - choisya ternata. I couldn't see the detail in your pic and so it hadn't struck me as being a choisya - my eyes are playing up at the mo - sorry. If you google the name there are some fab gardenng sites with close up photos which will help you with a match.

Jill said...


Carol said...

Your garden looks lovely and the daisy's are beautiful. Seems like you've been busy re-ordering and I like that you've drawn up a weekly rota! I have just started to do that and find it soooo much easier than trying to remember what's supposed to be done and then been sad when I remember that I hadn't remembered!!!!
Glad you're doing ok.

Amanda said...

Oh, I just love Open Heart Open Home. I've read it 2 or 3 times and introduced it to ladies at church. I love the way it's not just a "how-to" book -- it's a testimony, a story, and so inspiring. You are also inspiring!