Thursday, 29 April 2010

Hapa Zome

Alys Fowler's Edible Garden programme was so packed with goodies last night I watched it again this morning during elevenses.

And then I just had to have a go at the hapa zome that she tried - it is a form of leaf printing from Japan. I tried it with geranium flowers - see what you think.......

I chose a cluster of last year's over-wintering geranium that has some flowers beginning to go over.........

I picked 4 good flowers and pressed then with my finger onto some muslin.

Then cover with more muslin

Then get a hammer and hammer over each flower - I know - sounds mad - doesn't it!
Look at the state of my hammer - lol!
I hammered on a very thick wooden bread board.

It's a bit like when you rub on a transfer when card making - the area darkens as the die is transferred.

Then it's the big ta da!!!!
Hold yer breath and pull back the top layer of fabric

Wow! Those on the right have the flowers left on and they need to be peeled off.

Look at the state of my nails - can you tell I've been potting up this morning - gardener's hands - lol!

And this is the final printed fabric. Each side of the fabric is slightly different as it received slightly different pressure from the hammer.
This needs to dry and then you iron over it to make it colour fast and then I shall be making.......... mmm - what shall I make with my personally printed fabric? Rose scented hearts perhaps?


melanie said...

Wow, thats fab! I watched Edible Garden last night too, and am really wanting to try this technique. :) xxx

Nanny Ree said...

How gorgeous I forgot all abut the programme last night but thanks for your "tutorial". I can't wait to see what you decide to make!!!!!

greenteacup said...

Hi, yours have come out great! I watched the programme last night too and i'm going to use this technique for my university art course. I used unbleached muslim and green leaves but they're not very detailed or pronounced - have you tried calico or cotton? Thanks, Faye x

alexlynnsmith said...

Hey Lynn!
I am amazed at the Hapa Zome results! Going to try this myself.
Congratulations on the book success-see, told you something new would turn up!

GardenofDaisies said...

How pretty! That is such a creative idea! I'm glad the dye can be set with an iron so they can be washed.
This would be a really fun way to decorate napkins for a garden tea party, or handkerchiefs for the bride and grooms mothers at a wedding.

All things bright and beautiful... said...

Hi everyone
Alex - yes you were right :)
Hello Faye - haven't tried cotton or calico yet but the programme reckoned any natural fibre will take up the dye ok.

Anonymous said...

This is lovely, Lynn....I have done it before with various plants (varying results, too!), & it's a lot of fun. Every piece you do is completely original! :o)


KAREN said...

I also watched the program and want to give this is a try, I love the programe and her book is just as good, a real inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Hi. When you ironed the design was it on the reverse side? Thanks Karen

All things bright and beautiful... said...

Sorry Karen - I haven't ironed it yet! But I think I'll try right side up but with some old cotton on it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for your advice, love your site :)

All things bright and beautiful... said...

Thanks Karen - what a lovely thing to say :)

Grace said...

Glad you enjoyed it and are having fun!

I actually learnt the technique I showed Alys through a project I volunteer with called 'River and Cloth' that celebrates the textile heritage of Merton. I worked with an inspiring artist called Viv Philpot who taught me and the other volunteers the technique that was actually named and pioneered by eco textile artist India Flint.

You can find out more about the River and project and the techniques we learnt here

-look in the drop down resources menu for fact sheets and workshop plans -there's loads of brilliant stuff!

You can find out more about India Flint here and on her blog which also has details of how to get hold of her fantastic book 'Eco Colour'

...keep experimenting!

Grace x

All things bright and beautiful... said...

Thanks for commenting here Grace - and for the links! I loved this part of the programme - thanks! It's kinda weird but now as I garden I look closer at my plants - wondering about their hammering potetntial - lol!

Mahalakshmi said...

OH MY! today morning I was looking at one of the kind with embroidery combined in Stitching fingers.ning,My jaw dropped:)It was AWESOME!And immediately googled it and bumped into your site.This is lovely.Thanks a lot for your wonderful picture tutorial.